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PCB reintroduces Yo-Yo Test to boost cricketers’ fitness levels

In a significant move aimed at enhancing the overall fitness standards of cricketers across the country, the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has announced the reintroduction of the Yo-Yo test. This decision is part of a broader initiative dubbed “Mission Fitness,” which seeks to ensure that all cricketers representing Pakistan, whether at the national or regional level, meet stringent fitness criteria.

A Comprehensive Fitness Mandate

Director Domestic Khurram Niazi has spearheaded this initiative, emphasizing the critical role of fitness in modern cricket. He has made it clear that regional contracts and team selection will now be strictly conditional on passing fitness tests. This marks a significant shift in the PCB’s approach, underscoring the importance of physical fitness in achieving competitive success on the international stage.

“The demands of modern cricket require our players to be at their peak physical condition,” said Niazi. “This initiative is not just about improving performance but also about preventing injuries and ensuring our players have long and successful careers.”

Mandatory Fitness Tests

Under the new regulations, all test cricketers, international cricketers, and national cricketers must pass a series of fitness tests, with the Yo-Yo test being a central component. The Yo-Yo test, which measures a player’s aerobic endurance and recovery, has become a standard fitness benchmark in cricket and other sports worldwide.

In addition to the Yo-Yo test, players will be required to complete a 2-kilometer running test and a push-ups test. These tests are designed to assess different aspects of physical fitness, including cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength, and overall stamina.

Nationwide Implementation

The first phase of this initiative will see fitness tests conducted nationwide starting from July 11. This will involve rigorous assessments in various cities, ensuring that every player across Pakistan has the opportunity to demonstrate their fitness levels.

“The response from the players has been overwhelmingly positive,” noted Niazi. “They understand that this is for their benefit and the betterment of Pakistan cricket. Many have already started preparing for the tests, and we expect high levels of compliance.”

PCB Chairman’s Endorsement

The PCB Chairman has given his full approval to Mission Fitness, further highlighting the board’s commitment to this initiative. He has also mandated that central contracts will be conditional on passing these fitness tests, reinforcing the message that fitness is non-negotiable for Pakistan’s cricketers.

“Fitness is a cornerstone of success in cricket,” said the Chairman. “We are committed to supporting our players in achieving the highest standards of fitness, which will, in turn, help us compete more effectively on the global stage.”

Consequences of Non-Compliance

The PCB has also outlined the consequences for players who fail to meet the required fitness standards. Any player who fails the fitness tests will be dropped from both the national team and their respective regional teams. This strict policy is intended to ensure that only the fittest players represent Pakistan, thereby improving the overall quality and competitiveness of the teams.

“We cannot afford to compromise on fitness,” said Niazi. “Players who fail to meet the standards will be given time to improve, but they will not be able to participate in matches until they pass the tests. This policy applies to everyone, from the most experienced international players to the newcomers.”

Player Reactions

The announcement has elicited a range of reactions from the players. While some have expressed concern about the stringent requirements, many have welcomed the move, recognizing its importance in modern cricket.

“I think it’s a great step,” said a senior player. “Fitness is crucial in today’s game, and this will push all of us to work harder and maintain higher standards. It will definitely help us perform better, especially in tough international matches.”


The reintroduction of the Yo-Yo test and the broader fitness mandate represent a bold and progressive step by the PCB. As Pakistan cricket gears up for future challenges, these measures are expected to instill a culture of fitness and discipline among the players, ultimately contributing to the team’s success on the international stage.

Mission Fitness is not just a program; it is a commitment to excellence and a promise to the fans that Pakistan cricket will always strive for the highest standards. With the nationwide implementation set to begin, all eyes will be on the players as they take on this new challenge, aiming to prove their mettle and fitness for the honor of wearing the green jersey.

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