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Sindh CM announces plan to make Karachi sister city to New York

Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah announced a significant move to strengthen international relations by declaring Karachi as the sister city of New York. This decision was revealed during a high-profile meeting with Phil Ramos, Deputy Speaker of the New York State Assembly, and his delegation, which included parliamentarians and members of the American Pakistani Public Affairs Committee (APPAC).

The announcement, made at the CM House, was attended by key provincial officials, signifying the importance of this bilateral initiative. Ramos recalled that the idea of making New York and Karachi sister cities was first proposed during his 2023 visit but had not yet come to fruition. This meeting marked a crucial step toward realizing that vision.

Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah assured the delegation that the Sindh Assembly would pass the necessary resolution in its next session. He expressed confidence that the New York Assembly would reciprocate, formalizing the sister city relationship. To expedite this process, CM Murad tasked Chief Secretary Asif Hyder Shah with drafting the resolution in collaboration with Ramos.

The sister city agreement aims to foster cultural, educational, and economic exchanges between Karachi and New York. This partnership is expected to open new avenues for cooperation, benefiting both cities through shared experiences and mutual support.

In addition to the sister city resolution, the meeting yielded several other significant agreements. One notable outcome was the decision to upgrade a Nursing College in Sindh to international standards, with APPAC providing the necessary assistance. This upgrade will enhance the quality of nursing education in the province, aligning it with global best practices and improving healthcare services.

The Sindh Education Department also announced the launch of an online coordination program with educational institutions in New York. This initiative will begin with one government and one private school in Sindh, promoting virtual exchanges between teachers and students. The program aims to facilitate mutual learning and cultural exchange, enriching the educational experiences of participants in both regions.

This educational collaboration underscores the commitment of both parties to leveraging technology for educational advancement. It also reflects the broader goal of the sister city agreement: to create meaningful connections that transcend geographical boundaries and foster a sense of global community.

The meeting between CM Murad and the New York delegation highlighted the potential for enhanced cooperation between Karachi and New York. By establishing sister city ties, both cities can share resources, knowledge, and expertise, driving progress in various sectors.

CM Murad’s announcement is a testament to his administration’s proactive approach to international diplomacy and regional development. By forging a sister city relationship with New York, Karachi is poised to benefit from new opportunities for growth and collaboration.

As the Sindh Assembly prepares to pass the resolution, the prospect of Karachi and New York becoming sister cities signals a new chapter in bilateral relations. This partnership promises to bring diverse benefits to both cities, from educational advancements to healthcare improvements and beyond.

The initiative is expected to not only enhance the global standing of Karachi but also to deepen the bonds of friendship and cooperation between Pakistan and the United States.

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