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Sindh Government launches interest-free loan scheme for middle-class to install solar electricity systems

In a bid to promote sustainable energy and alleviate the burden on the middle class, the Sindh government has announced a new initiative to provide interest-free loans for the installation of solar electricity systems. This announcement was made by Sindh Energy Minister Syed Nasir Hussain Shah during a media briefing at his residence.

Addressing the media, Shah extended Eid greetings to the nation and urged citizens to remember the martyrs. He acknowledged the myriad of issues facing the region and highlighted the government’s commitment to resolving these through the new budget.

Shah emphasized that ongoing schemes have been given priority and assured the public that the government remains dedicated to fulfilling its promises. Among the key initiatives is a significant focus on ensuring the supply of clean water across Sindh.

Highlighting the energy challenges, Shah pointed out that over 200,000 houses in the province still lack electricity. To combat this, the government aims to provide electricity to 500,000 people annually. Initially, the plan involves equipping very poor households with solar electricity systems capable of powering a fan and three bulbs.

For middle-class families wishing to independently install solar electricity systems, the government is introducing an interest-free loan scheme. The interest on these loans will be covered by the Sindh government, making it easier for households to transition to sustainable energy.

Additionally, Shah revealed plans to construct two grid stations in every district of Sindh. This development is part of a broader strategy to enhance the region’s energy infrastructure and ensure more reliable electricity supply.

The announcement of the interest-free loan scheme for solar electricity systems represents a significant step towards promoting renewable energy and supporting the middle class in Sindh. The government’s initiative is expected to have a positive impact on the environment and the quality of life for many residents in the province.

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