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Pakistan successfully imports 1m tons of Russian crude oil

In a significant development, Pakistan has successfully imported 1 million tons of Russian crude oil, marking a milestone in the country’s energy sector. Diplomatic sources have also revealed ongoing discussions aimed at promoting mutual cooperation in agriculture between Pakistan and the Russian Federation.

According to diplomatic insiders, the first shipment of Pakistani canoes was delivered to Russia via a strategic route passing through Iran and Azerbaijan. This move signals the strengthening of commercial ties between the two nations.

Adding to this, a recent shipment of 100,000 metric tons of LPG from Russia has reached Pakistan, further solidifying the growing energy cooperation. Moreover, Pakistan has initiated commercial activities with Russia via land routes, indicating a broadening of logistical connections.

Diplomatic sources have disclosed that Pakistan is exploring the utilization of the Silk Road alongside the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) to enhance trade and economic integration. This includes the potential import of timber from the Russian Federation to Pakistan.

In addition to trade and energy, both countries are focusing on educational and environmental cooperation. Efforts are underway to provide Pakistani students with educational opportunities in Russian universities. Concurrently, bilateral talks are addressing environmental sustainability initiatives.

Sources emphasize that the International North-South Transport Corridor (INSTC), akin to CPEC, could be a transformative project. This corridor is expected to strengthen Pakistan’s relations with Iran, Azerbaijan, and other regional countries, potentially reshaping economic dynamics in the area.

These developments highlight the multifaceted approach Pakistan and Russia are adopting to bolster their bilateral relations, encompassing energy, trade, education, and environmental sustainability.

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