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Fact Check: Viral news of 14 deaths in Karachi’s Korangi area proven false

Amidst the sweltering heat wave gripping Karachi, alarming news surfaced claiming 14 deaths on a single street in the Korangi area due to extreme heat. The news quickly spread across social media platforms, causing widespread panic and concern among the residents. However, a thorough investigation by Geo News has revealed that these reports were unfounded and false.

The Initial Claim

The disturbing news originated from Sector S of the Korangi area, suggesting that 14 residents from the same street had succumbed to the intense heat. Given the severity of the claim, a news team was dispatched to the alleged location to verify the facts and understand the situation.

On-the-Ground Investigation

Upon arriving in the Korangi area, the team observed a peculiar scene. Contrary to expectations, there was no visible sign of mourning or any indication of a large-scale tragedy having occurred. Typically, such a significant number of deaths would be accompanied by a notable community response, including visible signs of grief and numerous funerals.

Instead, the team encountered a gathering of individuals affiliated with a political party. When questioned, these individuals presented two people who claimed that one had lost a brother-in-law and the other an aunt due to heat and load shedding. However, the details provided by these individuals were inconsistent and lacked verifiable evidence.

Lack of Verifiable Evidence

The team asked the individuals for further proof, such as hospital records or death certificates, to substantiate their claims. The responses were vague and unsatisfactory. Promises were made to share documents via WhatsApp, but no such documents were received.

Moreover, when pressed for basic information about the alleged hospitalizations and subsequent deaths, the individuals were unable to provide coherent answers. Requests for cemetery slips or any formal documentation related to the burials were met with evasive responses, further casting doubt on the authenticity of their claims.

Police and Community Response

To corroborate the claims, the team contacted local police officials, who expressed complete ignorance about any such incident. The officials stated unequivocally that had there been 14 funerals from a single street, they would have been fully aware and involved. They acknowledged the occurrence of several deaths across the city due to the heat wave but confirmed that no such large-scale fatalities had been reported from Korangi.

Additionally, inquiries were made with local charitable organizations and the mortuary in Korangi. None of these institutions had records or any knowledge of 14 funerals from the same street. The mortuary, which had seen an increase in the number of bodies due to the heat wave, did not have any records aligning with the viral claim.


The investigation conclusively debunks the viral news of 14 deaths in a single street in Korangi, Karachi. The lack of evidence, contradictory statements, and official denials from authorities and community organizations all point to the fact that this news was baseless and false.

In times of crisis, it is crucial to rely on verified information and avoid spreading unsubstantiated claims that can cause unnecessary panic and fear. The residents of Karachi, already grappling with the challenges posed by the heat wave, should remain vigilant and seek information from credible sources.

The Role of Media and Public Responsibility

This incident underscores the importance of responsible journalism and the critical role of media in fact-checking and debunking false news. It also highlights the need for the public to exercise caution before sharing unverified information, especially during emergencies when misinformation can have serious consequences.

As Karachi continues to endure the harsh summer, it is vital for the community to support one another, stay informed through reliable channels, and take necessary precautions to mitigate the impact of the heat wave.

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