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Salman Butt Criticizes Pakistan’s Bowling and Batting Strategy against USA in T20 World Cup

Former Pakistan captain Salman Butt has raised strong criticism regarding the team’s performances against USA in T20 World Cup, Butt noted the lack of aggression in their bowling attack, stating, “It seemed like the Pakistan team arrived on foot; they didn’t bowl a single bouncer in 20 overs. Shaheen doesn’t seem to have anything other than yorkers with the new ball. If his ball isn’t swinging, he becomes zero.”

Butt also took aim at Pakistan’s approach during the powerplay, saying “Pakistan played the powerplay as if they had planned for 250 runs. If Shadab is considered a super over batter and a regular batsman in the top 5, then I don’t need to say anything about our batting.”

In addition to his critique, Butt singled out Haris for his lack of bowling awareness on the field. “Haris is that kid who doesn’t pay attention to his own field, to what he’s supposed to bowl. When you’re setting the field up at mid-off, you don’t bowl a full delivery. And he has this strange style where he sits down and puts his hands on his head as if he’s experienced some great loss in the market.”

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