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Karachi strengthens anti-drug measures with new check posts at city entrances

In a robust move to combat drug trafficking, the Sindh government has commenced the establishment of a series of check posts at the entrances of Karachi. This initiative follows the directives of Senior Provincial Minister Sharjeel Inam Memon, who is spearheading efforts to enhance the city’s security and control over narcotics.

As part of this new strategy, a significant force from the Excise and Narcotics Control Department will initiate snap checking at various entry points and strategic locations within the city starting today. This heightened security measure aims to create an effective system for intercepting drug traffickers and curbing the influx of illegal substances into Karachi.

Minister Memon emphasized the importance of these check posts in a recent statement, highlighting the government’s commitment to making the narcotics control system more robust. “The establishment of these check posts is intended to significantly enhance our efforts in stopping drug trafficking. Immediate deployment of personnel at critical locations will ensure we act swiftly and efficiently,” he said.

The Sindh government’s dedication to fortifying the Narcotics Control Wing underscores its broader commitment to public safety and the eradication of drug-related activities. The new check posts are a testament to this resolve, providing a tangible deterrent against drug trafficking and reinforcing the city’s defenses.

As the check posts become operational, residents and visitors to Karachi can expect increased security checks at city entry points, reflecting a proactive approach to maintaining law and order and protecting the community from the dangers of narcotics.

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