Ethics Policy

All staff members of Times of Karachi will abide by the following codes of practice, which have been adapted from the Press Council of Ireland. All members of the team must commit to the highest professional and ethical standards as detailed below.

              – Accuracy

·         In reporting news and information, Times of Karachi shall strive at all times for truth and accuracy.

·         When a significant inaccuracy, misleading statement or distorted report or picture has been published, it shall be corrected promptly and with due prominence.

·         When appropriate, a retraction, apology, clarification, explanation or response shall be published promptly and with due prominence

– Distinguishing Fact and Comment

·         Comment, conjecture, rumour and unconfirmed reports shall not be reported as if they are fact.

·         Readers are entitled to expect that the content of Times of Karachi reflects the best judgment of editors and writers and has not been inappropriately influenced by undisclosed interests. Wherever relevant, any significant financial interest of an organization should be disclosed. Writers should disclose significant potential conflicts of interest to their editors.

– Fair Procedures and Honesty

·         Times of Karachi will strive at all times for fair procedures and honesty in the procuring and publishing of news and information.

·         It will not obtain information, photographs or other material through misrepresentation or subterfuge, unless justified by the public interest.

·         Journalists and photographers must not obtain, or seek to obtain, information and photographs through harassment, unless their actions are justified in the public interest.

– Respect for Rights

·         Times of Karachi shall not knowingly publish matter based on malicious misrepresentation or unfounded accusations, and must take reasonable care in checking facts before publication.