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PM Shehbaz offers Tajikistan Karachi Port for transit trade

Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif extended an invitation to Tajikistan to utilize Karachi port for transit trade during a meeting with Tajik Prime Minister Qohir Rasulzoda. This proposal underscores the commitment of both nations to enhance regional connectivity and foster economic collaboration.

The meeting, held in Dushanbe, witnessed both leaders expressing satisfaction over the progressively expanding bilateral cooperation across various sectors of mutual interest. They reaffirmed their shared desire to further strengthen the existing fraternal ties between Pakistan and Tajikistan.

Prime Minister Sharif lauded the successful organization of the 3rd High-Level Water Conference by Tajikistan and commended the country’s leading role in water diplomacy. This appreciation highlights the importance of water resource management and diplomatic efforts in addressing regional water security issues.

During the discussion, Prime Minister Sharif emphasized the strategic significance of the recently signed Strategic Partnership Agreement between Pakistan and Tajikistan. He described this agreement as a historic milestone in bilateral relations, expressing optimism that it would pave the way for new avenues of mutually beneficial economic cooperation.

The premier stressed the importance of enhanced regional connectivity as a cornerstone for sustainable socio-economic development in South Asia and Central Asia. He highlighted Pakistan’s commitment to its “Vision Central Asia” policy, which aims to deepen engagement with Central Asian countries, including Tajikistan. The construction of rail tracks and roads between the two countries was cited as a crucial step towards achieving this goal.

Prime Minister Sharif proposed hosting a regional connectivity summit in Pakistan to promote trade corridors and enhance regional trade among Central Asian countries. This initiative is aimed at fostering closer economic integration and creating new opportunities for trade and investment in the region.

In addition to these proposals, Prime Minister Sharif welcomed the recent commencement of international flights between Pakistan and Tajikistan. He underscored the importance of increasing the frequency of these flights to facilitate greater people-to-people contact and bolster trade and tourism between the two nations.

The official visit of Prime Minister Sharif to Tajikistan, undertaken at the invitation of President Emomali Rahmon, spans two days and reflects the deepening ties between the two countries. This visit marks a significant step in reinforcing bilateral relations and exploring new dimensions of cooperation in various fields.

Prime Minister Sharif’s invitation to utilize Karachi port for transit trade is expected to enhance trade connectivity and provide Tajikistan with a strategic access point to global markets. This move aligns with Pakistan’s broader vision of serving as a regional trade hub and strengthening economic links with its neighbors.

The meeting concluded with both leaders expressing their commitment to working closely together to realize the full potential of their bilateral relationship. They reiterated their resolve to foster regional peace, stability, and prosperity through enhanced cooperation and connectivity.

As Pakistan and Tajikistan continue to build on their historic ties, the initiatives discussed during this visit are poised to open new chapters in their bilateral relations, contributing to the socio-economic development of both nations and the broader region.

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