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Karachi police bust bike theft ring operating online

In a significant crackdown on vehicle theft in Karachi, Gulbahar police have successfully apprehended a gang involved in stealing motorcycles and selling them online. Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Central Zeeshan Siddiqui provided details about the gang’s sophisticated operation and the arrests made.

The Three-Stage Operation

According to SSP Siddiqui, the gang operated in a meticulously planned three-stage process:

  1. Obtaining Clear Documents: In the initial stage, the gang obtained legitimate motorcycle documents, either by acquiring them through illicit means or duplicating them.
  2. Creating Fake Documents: The second stage involved preparing counterfeit documents for the stolen motorcycles, ensuring that the bikes appeared legitimate.
  3. Tampering and Selling: In the final stage, the gang tampered with the engine chassis numbers of the stolen motorcycles and sold them on online platforms.

This method allowed the gang to effectively disguise the stolen motorcycles, making it difficult for authorities and potential buyers to identify them as stolen property.

Arrests and Recoveries

The arrested gang members have been identified as Bilawal, Shah Rukh, and Rizwan. During the raid, the police recovered eight stolen motorcycles and five chassis from various locations in Karachi. These recoveries highlight the extensive reach and operations of the gang within the city.

Bilawal admitted to being involved in the actual thefts, often stealing motorcycles based on specific demands. His expertise in identifying and lifting targeted motorcycles played a crucial role in the gang’s operations.

Shah Rukh specialized in tampering with the engine chassis numbers, charging Rs 3,000 for each tampered motorcycle. His skills ensured that the stolen bikes could be sold with minimal risk of detection.

Rizwan was responsible for creating fake documents for the stolen motorcycles. His ability to produce convincing forgeries allowed the gang to sell the stolen bikes online without raising suspicion.

Investigation and Intelligence

The police were able to crack the case with the help of surveillance and video footage. SSP Siddiqui mentioned that the gang was very active across different areas of Karachi, selling dozens of stolen motorcycles after tampering with them.

“The use of technology and video surveillance played a crucial role in identifying and tracking down the suspects. Their modus operandi was sophisticated, but persistent efforts by the police led to their capture,” SSP Siddiqui stated.

High-Profile Thefts

One of the stolen motorcycles was reportedly taken from outside the Governor’s House, demonstrating the audacity and reach of the gang. This incident particularly alarmed the authorities and accelerated the investigation process.

Legal Proceedings

Following their arrest, a case has been registered against the suspects. SSP Siddiqui assured that the legal process would be stringent, aiming to deter similar crimes in the future. “We are committed to curbing vehicle theft in Karachi and ensuring the safety of our citizens’ property,” he emphasized.

Community and Safety

The arrest of this gang has brought a sense of relief to Karachi’s residents, who have been grappling with an increase in motorcycle thefts. The police urge the community to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activities to help prevent such crimes.

As the investigation continues, the police are hopeful that further insights will help dismantle any remaining networks involved in vehicle theft across the city. The success of this operation underscores the importance of community cooperation and the effective use of technology in combating crime.

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