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FIH takes notice of two federations issue in Pakistan Hockey

The International Hockey Federation (FIH) has intervened in the ongoing issue of two federations in Pakistan hockey. FIH, the global governing body for hockey, has issued a notice to both factions, directing them to present their respective positions and evidence by April 25th. The move comes amid a longstanding dispute within the Pakistani hockey community, which has led to the existence of two separate governing bodies.

Notably, FIH President Tayyab Akram has been kept out of the matter due to his association with Pakistan. This indicates FIH’s impartial stance and commitment to resolving the issue objectively. In addition to addressing the internal conflict, FIH also plans to engage with the Pakistan Olympic Association to explore collaborative solutions with the government.

Senior Director of FIH, John, emphasized the importance of Pakistani players’ participation in international events and stressed the need for a unified approach to represent the country in global hockey competitions.

The intervention follows a letter sent by Haider Hussain, the Secretary of the Pakistan Hockey Federation (PHF), informing FIH about the situation. In response, FIH Secretary Haider Hussain outlined the stance that there is no place for parallel organizations within the constitutions of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), FIH, and PHF.

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