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Pakistan signs agreement with NESMA & partners to export skilled labor to Saudi Arabia

SAPM Jawad Sohrab Malik has recently inked a significant agreement with NESMA & Partners to facilitate the export of skilled...

Published: 23 Feb, 2024

Business leaders emphisize importance of Safe City Project

Business leaders in Karachi are emphasizing the crucial role of the Safe City project in rejuvenating business activity and restoring...

Published: 23 Feb, 2024

Karachi Metropolitan Corporation reveals alarming fire safety shortcomings in commercial buildings

The Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) disclosed to the Sindh High Court that a fire safety audit of over 265 commercial...

Published: 23 Feb, 2024

SC clarifies misinterpretation of recent decision amid media reports

The Supreme Court issued a comprehensive statement addressing the misrepresentation of its recent decision by various media outlets, emphasizing the...

Published: 23 Feb, 2024

Investigation committee reveals whole BSEK involved in results manipulation

An investigation committee has submitted its findings to the Chief Minister of Sindh, uncovering significant irregularities in the Karachi Matriculation...

Published: 23 Feb, 2024

Police chief Khadim Hussain claims street crime reduced in Karachi in 2023

Karachi Police Chief's Claim of Reduced Street Crime Contradicted by Sindh Police Report Police Chief, Khadim Hussain, recently made...

Published: 21 Feb, 2024

Private schools in Karachi under fire for illegally collecting June-July fees in February-March

Several private schools in Karachi have come under scrutiny for unlawfully demanding parents to submit fees for the months of...

Published: 21 Feb, 2024

Caretaker government raises prices of 146 life-saving medicines

The Caretaker Government has approved a hike in the prices of 146 crucial medicines, including those vital for treating cancer,...

Published: 21 Feb, 2024

Fatal shooting claims life of 25-year-old man in Karachi

Tragedy struck the Baste household in Karachi as 25-year-old Osama lost his life after sustaining injuries from a robbery-related shooting....

Published: 21 Feb, 2024

Accused escapes police custody due to negligence at City Court Karachi

In yet another alarming incident of police negligence, an accused charged with murder managed to escape from custody while being...

Published: 21 Feb, 2024

Western wind system brings hope of rain to Karachi and Balochistan

Meteorological experts are forecasting the potential for rain in Karachi and Balochistan as a series of western winds are expected...

Published: 20 Feb, 2024

Survey reveals 4 in 10 Pakistanis feel insecure: Gallup Pakistan

A recent survey conducted by Gallup Pakistan has unveiled concerning sentiments among the Pakistani population, with 4 out of every...

Published: 20 Feb, 2024

X remains restricted in Pakistan, NetBlocks reports longest internet outage

Pakistan continues to grapple with internet disruptions as the popular social media platform X, formerly known as Twitter, remains inaccessible...

Published: 20 Feb, 2024

Rise in Adeno Virus cases in Karachi amid changing winds

As the direction of winds changes in Karachi, a surge in viral infections, including the Adeno virus, has been reported,...

Published: 20 Feb, 2024

Rawalpindi Traffic Police issues advisory for Murree tourists amid continuous rain and snowfall predictions

As continuous rain lashes Malika Kohsar Murree since the previous day, Rawalpindi Traffic Police has issued a vital advisory for...

Published: 20 Feb, 2024