The United States values its longstanding cooperation with Pakistan, said US State Department principal deputy spokesperson Vedant Patel in a press briefing.

US State Department principal deputy spokesperson said that the United States has always viewed a prosperous and democratic Pakistan as critical to US interests and that remains unchanged.

When asked why former prime minister Imran Khan backed out of his allegations about the US administration for removing him from power, Vedant Patel said that as we’ve previously said there has never been a truth to these allegations.

He said that we don’t have a position on one party's political candidate versus another. We support the peaceful upholding of democratic, constitutional, and legal principles.

Earlier, US Senator Chris Hollen had said the Joe Biden administration wants strong ties with Pakistan.

Senator Hollen said the United States working with Pakistan to address the hazards caused by the devastating floods and so far Joe Biden administration has given aid of $75 million to strengthen Islamabad’s relief efforts.

The Senator said the United States will continue supporting Pakistan to deal with this calamity.

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