Unilever Pakistan, Green Earth Recycling to produce 'Recycled Plastic Furniture'

Unilever Pakistan and Green Earth Recycling Pakistan have joined hands to collect plastic from trash and recycle it into sustainable furniture. 

The idea is to support Green Earth Recycling’s business model based on converting waste plastic into 'recycled plastic furniture' through technology. Now, both the companies will be working to recover around 2,000 Tonnes of Plastic Waste in 2021 and re-introduce it into the circular economy.

This collected plastic will be recycled to produce nature-friendly benches, desks, play areas and other outdoor furniture that can be used in parks and schools for the benefit of citizens. 

Not just that, this initiative will help Unilever Pakistan to invest in models such as model city in Rahim Yar Khan and create a circular economy for economic empowerment and livelihood opportunities for the people of Pakistan. 

"We are fully committed to stepping up our contribution in the circular economy through bold, consistent and rigorous action against our plastics ambitions to collect more plastic than we produce and make our packaging material sustainable. We believe that with this partnership with Green Earth Recycling, we are establishing a value chain where plastic waste can be collected, reused, and built into the environment and user-friendly solutions for citizens." Says Amir Paracha, CEO and Chairman, Unilever Pakistan.

Mr. Babar Aziz Bhatti, Director at Green Earth Recycling says, "We are working on creating innovative sustainable materials that reduce the negative impact of plastics on the environment and drive down dependence on natural resources such as wood. Our efforts with Unilever Pakistan will help us scale the impact of our business model and help us reach a wider audience, as real action across the country can only be driven through a focused effort with a collaborative approach amongst the public, private and social sectors."

This combined effort of Unilever Pakistan and Green Earth Recycling to turn plastic waste into sustainable furniture is a call out for all other stakeholders and companies to join hands with Unilever Pakistan in creating a circular economy and work towards the betterment of environment and country by playing their part.