The United Arab Emirates (UAE) Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MOHRE) has taken a proactive step in safeguarding the rights of workers in the country by highlighting seven illegal labor practices that workers should be vigilant about and immediately report.

MOHRE has made a firm commitment to protect the rights of workers in the UAE and has emphasized that it will take decisive action against employers found violating these laws.

The ministry is actively encouraging workers to report any instances of violations they come across. Workers can report such violations through various channels, including the 24-hour call center, international call center, WhatsApp number, official website, or email address provided by MOHRE.

The highlighted illegal labor practices include:

  1. Withholding an employee’s passport
  2. Charging the employee for visa sponsorship
  3. Signing a contract with different terms from the job offer
  4. Not providing a copy of the employment offer
  5. Not paying full wages on time
  6. Not providing the specified job opportunity
  7. Not allowing the employee to leave their job

This advisory from MOHRE comes at a time when the UAE government is intensifying its efforts to curb illegal labor practices. In recent months, the government has taken punitive actions, including fines and closures, against businesses found to be in violation of labor laws.

The UAE government has also initiated various measures to enhance the working conditions of migrant workers in the country. These initiatives encompass provisions such as free medical care, an increase in the minimum wage, and streamlined processes for workers to change jobs.

Workers who encounter any of these illegal practices are urged to contact MOHRE using the following channels:

  • 24x7 call center: 600 590000
  • International call center: 00971-68027666
  • WhatsApp: 971600590000
  • Official website: (including online chat option)
  • Email:

This move by the UAE Ministry of Human Resources underscores the country's dedication to upholding workers' rights and fostering a fair and transparent labor environment.


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