The Naegleria, a brain-eating amoeba, claimed two more lives in Karachi last week, according to a report by ARY News citing the Sindh Health Department.

A woman residing in Qayyumabad succumbed to Naegleria infection after performing wudu (ablution) at a private hospital in Gulshan, Karachi. Her health rapidly deteriorated, and she was rushed to Jinnah Hospital, where doctors confirmed the presence of the amoeba. Unfortunately, she passed away.

In a separate incident, a 45-year-old man from Surjani Town fell victim to the deadly virus. He lost his life on May 26, becoming the second casualty in the recent outbreak.

Naegleria is a waterborne pathogen that enters the human body through the nasal passage, typically when individuals engage in activities such as swimming or performing ablution with contaminated water. The amoeba can cause severe brain infection, leading to rapid deterioration of health and, in some cases, fatality.

Efforts to prevent and control the spread of Naegleria infection are crucial to safeguard public health. Health authorities continue to emphasize the importance of using clean and treated water for various activities, including ablution. Timely diagnosis and treatment are vital in improving the chances of survival.


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