Pakistan's Tekken prodigy, Arslan Ash, continued his reign as a global force in competitive gaming by securing victory at the Tekken World Tour Finals 2023 (TWT 23) held in New Orleans on Sunday.

In a dominant display, Arslan Ash emerged triumphant over formidable opponent CherryBerryMango (CBM) in the final with a convincing 3-1 score, adding another prestigious title to his illustrious gaming career.

The 27-year-old gaming sensation, often hailed as the greatest of all time (GOAT) in Tekken, showcased his prowess in the top-eight campaign. He started with a commanding 2-1 victory over LowHigh in the winners' semi-final, securing his spot in the winners' final.

The winners' final presented a formidable challenge in the form of Ulsan, where Arslan Ash demonstrated resilience and skill in a five-game battle, ultimately triumphing 3-2.

The final showdown against CBM saw Arslan Ash's masterful performance, culminating in a 3-1 victory, completing the treble for 2023.

This recent triumph adds to Arslan Ash's impressive list of victories, including Evo Japan and Evo Vegas earlier in the year. In August, he became a four-time EVO champion, securing the title in Las Vegas after defeating Japan's AO 3-0 in the grand final.

Considered by many as the greatest Tekken player of all time, Arslan Ash has consistently demonstrated his exceptional skills and strategic gameplay. His achievements extend beyond this recent win, as he was awarded the title of the best E-Player of 2019 by ESPN. Arslan's remarkable journey in competitive gaming also includes being the CEO 2021 Champion and the 2022 Combo Breaker Tekken 7 tournament winner, where he emerged victorious against all 10 opponents.

Written By Zeeshan Ahmed

Zeeshan Ahmed is a Communication graduate from the University of Karachi. He has been associated with electronic, print, and digital media for the past ten years. He has worked on multiple beats but his major expertise lies in sports reporting. He is an accredited sports journalist by PCB and has been active in sports reporting.