Zohaib, the individual implicated in the robbery of a private bank's cash van in Korangi, remains at large.

According to investigators, Zohaib, who was employed by a private security firm, had been working in Karachi for ten months. However, he left his job two months ago, purportedly to marry someone he was fond of.

Officials revealed that upon reaching Vihari, Zohaib discovered that the person he had feelings for had married someone else.

According to statements from Zohaib's relatives provided to investigators, it was suggested that he turned to robbery after experiencing romantic disappointment.

Subsequently, Zohaib returned to Karachi and reportedly re-employed himself with the same security company.

It's worth noting that on September 19, Zohaib allegedly robbed a private bank's cash van in Korangi and absconded with 63.5 million rupees.

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