A recent survey conducted by Gallup Pakistan has unveiled concerning sentiments among the Pakistani population, with 4 out of every 10 individuals expressing feelings of insecurity.

Gallup Pakistan's latest poll, based on public opinion, indicates that 41 percent of respondents believe the country has become increasingly unsafe. Participants in the survey highlighted a perceived rise in unrest compared to a decade ago, coupled with a decline in the sense of personal security.

Among those surveyed, 39 percent strongly disagreed with the notion of feeling safer in the country compared to previous years.

Furthermore, the survey shed light on broader global perceptions, with 51 percent of Pakistanis expressing the belief that the world has become more unsafe over time. A significant portion, comprising 26 percent, expressed the view that the world is entirely safe, while the remaining respondents held varying degrees of concern for future generations' safety.

The survey, conducted between January 3 and 18, 2024, gathered opinions from over a thousand individuals, providing valuable insights into the prevailing sentiments regarding security at both national and global levels.

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