Pakistan’s favourite detergent brand, Surf Excel is making its way into the cricket season with a bang or should we say, a Daaghon Ka Champion trophy! Cricket is a sport gluing Pakistani families to their television screens as players strike mighty sixes, swing that arm across for the perfect bowl and most importantly, execute that dive which gets the dirtiest, most stubborn Daagh on their clothes.

To extend their Daaghon Ka Champion legacy onto cricket, Surf Excel has collaborated with the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) to announce a Daaghon Ka Champion trophy for players who get the most number of stains on their clothes by diving. Surf Excel has recently aired an ad with the top 3 cricketers, Shadab Khan, Faheem Ashraf and Mohammad Rizwan who are shown diving together; not to catch the ball but to get some ‘Daagh’ on themselves. The ad ends with all 3 players having stains on their clothes after which we come across a visual of the Daaghon Ka Champion trophy, where the narrator leaves us curious about who will lift the trophy.

Cricket is Pakistan’s most loved sport and diving is a part of the game. With Surf Excel being present the cricketers can now surely dive to save a run or catch a ball without the fear of getting dirty. The Daaghon Ka Champion trophy allows the fans to be a part of the action and practice their dives and post them online donating them to their favourite player. The action on field may be far away from home but for participants of the Daaghon Ka Champion trophy, all the action is happening right here on their screens every night.

The viewers have joined in and are preparing for the dives to donate to their favourite player to make them win the Daaghon Ka Champion Trophy and take home a cash reward of Rs. 500,000. Instagramers started prepping for their own dives using water bottles, furniture and even their pets and kids as weights. Moms and kids have been seen practicing together, grandparents cheer on participants from their sofas, YouTubers too are part of it and preparing for the dives.

It’s cricket fever time and the nation is prepping in real for their own piece of the action.