In the sprawling metropolis of Karachi, August proved to be a harrowing month as street crime escalated to unprecedented levels. Over 50 lives were tragically cut short in a series of criminal incidents, marking a distressing record for the city.

According to data compiled by the Citizen-Police Liaison Committee (CPLC), there were a staggering 8,207 reported street crime incidents throughout August, translating to an average of approximately 265 cases per day. This surge in criminal activity left the city in a state of shock.

Comparing the statistics to the previous month, the magnitude of the crisis becomes even more evident. In August, there was a staggering 300% increase in car thefts compared to July, painting a bleak picture of the city's law and order situation.

Motorcycle thefts and mobile phone thefts followed suit with alarming rises. Motorcycle thefts shot up by 39%, while mobile phone thefts saw a 23% increase during the same period.

Furthermore, the data revealed that compared to July 2023, August witnessed a 25% surge in car thefts and a 6% increase in motorcycle thefts.

Karachi residents bore the brunt of these criminal activities, with 2,582 mobile phones, 790 motorcycles, and 48 cars stolen during August alone, as reported by CPLC.

Shockingly, some city residents experienced multiple thefts, with 4,604 motorcycles and 183 cars stolen in total, as the city grappled with this surge in crime.

The situation in July was equally grim, with 7,162 street crimes reported during that month alone, highlighting the persistent threat to citizens.

The accumulated data for the first eight months of 2023 paints a bleak picture of the city's safety, with a staggering total of 59,526 street crime incidents reported.

Additionally, two cases of extortion and kidnapping for ransom came to light during this period, further contributing to the concerns of citizens.

As Karachi navigates these turbulent times, residents and authorities alike are left grappling for solutions to curb this alarming rise in street crime and ensure the safety of the city's inhabitants.

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