The Jinnah International Airport in Karachi has welcomed the installation of a cutting-edge hold baggage scanning machine, further enhancing security measures at the airport. The inauguration ceremony for this state-of-the-art scanning machine was graced by the presence of the United Kingdom's High Commissioner to Pakistan, Jane Marriott.

Passengers departing for the UK will now enjoy the benefits of this advanced baggage scanning technology, which offers efficient and comprehensive security screening for their belongings. This development aims to bolster security protocols at the airport and ensure the safety of travelers.

During her interaction with the media, the British High Commissioner (BHC) conveyed her optimism regarding the potential resumption of direct flights between Pakistan and the UK. She mentioned that technical discussions between the civil aviation authorities of both countries have been successfully concluded. The resumption of these flights holds great promise for travelers and trade relations between Pakistan and Western countries.

The implementation of this modern security machine is expected to expedite the baggage scanning process, benefiting passengers traveling to the UK and other Western destinations. It represents a significant step toward aligning airport facilities with global security standards.

Director-General of the Civil Aviation Authority (DGCAA), Khaqan Murtaza, also shared positive insights during the ceremony. He indicated that the recent talks held with the European Commission in Brussels have yielded promising results. DGCAA Murtaza hinted at potential good news regarding Pakistani airlines' flights to the UK and Europe in the near future.

Furthermore, he disclosed that a visit from the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) team is anticipated in November of this year. This visit is expected to bring further positive outcomes and developments in the realm of aviation, potentially opening up more travel options for passengers to the UK and Europe.

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