South Karachi gets First Response Centres heatwave cases

First Response Centres (FRCs) have been established at various dispensaries of Saddar and Lyari to cope with any emergency and provide immediate medical help and first aid to affected persons in the wake of heatwave forecast in the city by the Met Office.

Bulk first aid materials like cold water bottles, drip stands, beds, stretchers, mattresses, and towels have been made available at Miran Pir Maternity Home, Old Lyari Dispensary, Shershah Road Dispensary, Eidgah Maternity Home, and ED Dispensary Saddar to cope with emergencies in case of heatwave effects on citizens and provide early aid to the affected persons.

Expert doctors and medical staff will perform duties at these centres. 

Municipal Commissioner Akhtar Ali Shaikh advised the citizens to avoid outdoor activities during the ongoing heatwave and in case of urgency, strictly adhere to the preventive measures before going outdoor to avoid the effects of heat.

“Cover your heads before going out in the sunshine; sprinkle cold water on head and keep a wet towel to minimize the effects on your body. In case of severe strain in the eyes, contact the doctors immediately for medical help,” he advised