In a proactive move to enhance safety and security for tourists in Sindh, the Sindh Tourism Department has announced the establishment of Tourism Police Units. Caretaker Provincial Minister for Tourism, Arshad Wali Muhammad, stated that the primary goal behind creating these units is to position Sindh as a secure and welcoming tourist destination.

According to Khalid Chachhar, Secretary Tourism and Culture, the Tourism Police officials will undergo specialized training focused on the unique needs of tourism-related policing. The training program will emphasize cultural sensitivity, effective communication, emergency response, and creating a hospitable and secure environment for visitors.

To ensure the success of this initiative, Khalid Chachar has requested the Home Department to allocate police personnel to key tourist spots across Sindh. The designated force will receive training tailored to the requirements of tourism policing, aligning with the government's commitment to the welfare of tourists and the promotion of tourism in the region.

This strategic move reflects Sindh's determination to provide a safe and enjoyable experience for tourists, thereby fostering economic development, cultural exchange, and an increase in tourism flow within the province. The establishment of Tourism Police Units aligns with global best practices in ensuring the safety and satisfaction of visitors, contributing to the overall growth of the tourism sector.

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