Karachi, Pakistan - Sindh Rangers, the paramilitary force, has announced a crackdown on illegal hydrants and smuggling operations, following special instructions from military high-ups. The operation will also target illegal Afghan citizens residing in the area.

Additionally, another operation is set to be launched in the katcha (rural) areas of Sindh to eliminate bandits, with a strategy in place to tackle street crimes.

Lists have been prepared to identify and take action against those involved in land grabbing.

To curb smuggling activities, Sindh Rangers will implement special measures at entry and exit points in the region.

These decisions were made in response to public complaints and concerns about these illegal activities.

Sindh Caretaker Home Minister Haris Nawaz emphasized that there will be no compromise on anti-street crime measures and the katcha operation. He stated that comprehensive steps are being taken to address street crimes and narcotics-related issues, as external elements could exploit these weaknesses. The minister also announced a thorough investigation into recent incidents, pledging to take action in all crime hotspots and hinting at future operations in Ghotki, Kashmore, and Jacobabad.

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