In a proactive move to fortify security measures for the upcoming General Election 2024, Sindh Inspector General of Police (IGP) Riffat Mukhtar Raja has sanctioned the deployment of an additional 625 personnel to the Karachi police. The strategic allocation includes 500 officers hailing from 22 different departments, encompassing crime, welfare, training, legal branch, and IT wing, all of whom will be actively involved in election duties. An official order issued on Thursday outlined the comprehensive plan for reinforcing security protocols.

The additional staff, ranging from ministerial assistants to Naib Qasids, will be sourced from various branches or offices of the Central Police Office, with the DIG Establishment overseeing the process. The IT cadre is set to contribute 25 personnel, who will await orders from the city police chief on February 8. Heads of all branches have been instructed to promptly submit the list of assigned personnel to the additional IG. The order mandates that all additional staff report to the office 24 hours before the elections, with the city police chief overseeing transportation, deployment, and catering arrangements.

A pivotal high-level meeting, presided over by Director General Sindh Rangers Major General Azhar Waqas, took place at the Rangers Headquarters in Karachi on Thursday. The discussion centered on the law and order situation in Karachi, with a particular focus on preparations for the impending general elections. Key participants included the Sindh IGP, provincial election commissioner, Karachi’s additional IG, and representatives from various departments and institutions.

During the meeting, law enforcement agencies from across the province meticulously reviewed security measures implemented for the general elections. An action plan was unanimously approved, encompassing joint flag marches and snap-checking operations by Rangers and police to bolster security along internal and external routes. The Sindh Rangers were designated to remain on standby as a rapid response force.

The meeting stressed the imperative need for strict adherence to prescribed laws and the election code of conduct, aligning with directives issued by the provincial government and the Election Commission. Stringent punitive actions were underscored for any violations, emphasizing a commitment to ensuring a fair and secure electoral process. The public was urged to actively participate by promptly reporting any suspicious activities or incidents to designated Rangers personnel through the dedicated helpline 1101, Rangers Helper WhatsApp number 03479001111, or via SMS, as communicated by the spokesperson. As the nation gears up for the elections, these comprehensive security measures underscore the commitment to a transparent and secure democratic process in Karachi.

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