In a proactive move to combat environmental pollution, the Sindh Environmental Protection Agency has initiated a campaign against polluting vehicles in Karachi. As a key component of this campaign, measurements of smoke emissions from vehicles were conducted, leading to the confiscation of offending vehicles.

Recognizing smoke-emitting and noisy vehicles as significant contributors to escalating environmental pollution, the Environmental Protection Agency has taken decisive steps to curb pollution and enhance public awareness. The campaign involves the use of modern equipment and smog analyzers to assess the amount of smoke emitted by vehicles at three strategic locations in Karachi.

Special teams stationed at KPT Bridge, Safora, and Qayyumabad conducted on-the-spot inspections of vehicles in both public and commercial transport. Vehicles exceeding prescribed limits of smoke emissions received white stickers, signifying non-compliance, while those emitting acceptable levels were affixed with green stickers.

For vehicles emitting exceptionally high levels of smoke, legal action was taken, and these vehicles were handed over to the traffic police. Naeem Shaikh, an Inspector from the Environmental Protection Agency, highlighted that in addition to monitoring smoke emissions, the noise produced by vehicles is also being measured. Vehicle owners have been given a 15-day deadline to rectify issues related to both engine and silencer.

The initiative extends beyond just measuring emissions; data on the health of drivers is being compiled. This comprehensive approach acknowledges the health threats posed not only to citizens and passengers but also to the drivers themselves by smog-emitting vehicles.

Citizens have welcomed the campaign, emphasizing the urgent need to permanently eliminate smoke-emitting vehicles. Pakistan ranks among the countries most affected by climate change, and Karachi, in particular, stands among the world's three most polluted cities. Vehicle emissions contribute to a range of health issues, including respiratory problems, nervous system disorders, and skin diseases.

As the campaign unfolds, it aligns with broader efforts to address environmental challenges and underscores the importance of collective responsibility in safeguarding public health and the environment.

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