The Sindh High Court, under the stewardship of Chief Justice Aqeel Ahmed Abbasi, has issued a decisive order demanding action from the provincial government to address the pressing issue of stray dogs in the region. In response to the court's directive, the Sindh government has been instructed to release funds for initiatives aimed at curbing the proliferation of stray dogs and reinstating the dedicated helpline 1093.

During the hearing headed by Chief Justice Abbasi, concerns were raised regarding the shortage of vaccines and the alarming presence of stray dogs even within the premises of the high court. The project director of the Anti-Rabies Program provided insights into the planned initiatives, highlighting the establishment of three centers for dog sterilization and vaccination.

However, despite efforts, the project director revealed a shortage of funds, prompting Chief Justice Abbasi to question the delay in issuing necessary funds. Consequently, the court ordered the reinstatement of helpline 1093 and directed the Sindh government to release funds promptly, emphasizing the importance of continued action against stray dogs.

This landmark decision by the Sindh High Court underscores the urgency of addressing the stray dog crisis and ensuring the safety and well-being of the citizens of Sindh.

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