In a significant administrative move, the Sindh government orchestrated a sweeping overhaul within the police department on Wednesday, reallocating roles for several Deputy Inspector Generals (DIGs), as reported by ARY News.

The reshuffling saw the appointment of key figures to pivotal positions, signaling a strategic realignment of responsibilities within the law enforcement apparatus. Among the notable appointments, Irfan Baloch assumes the mantle of DIG West, while Ahmed Nawaz Cheema steps into the role of DIG Traffic. Concurrently, Iqbal Dar takes charge as DIG of the Driving License Branch, and Javed Jaskani assumes the position of DIG in Mirpurkhas.

This recent restructuring follows closely on the heels of a similar overhaul on March 16, where the Sindh government executed a comprehensive reshuffle affecting numerous Senior Superintendents of Police (SSPs) across various districts.

According to the official notification, a succession of transfers saw SSPs reassigned in districts such as Sukkur, Khairpur, Badin, Thatta, Sujaeal, Sanghar, Naushehro Feroz, Ghotki, Tando Muhammad Khan, Jacobabad, and others. Hazeez Rehman Bugti emerged as the new SSP for Karachi West, succeeding Shad Ibne Masih, who was transferred.

Mir Rohal Khan, a distinguished officer of the Police Service of Pakistan (BS-18) currently stationed as SSP Badin, transitions to his new role as SSP Ghotki, replacing Muhammad Anwer Kheyran, who, in turn, has been directed to report to the Central Police Office.

The recent series of appointments and transfers underscore the government's commitment to fostering effective leadership within the police force, ensuring alignment with evolving law enforcement priorities and strategies. As Sindh continues its efforts to bolster security and maintain law and order, these changes represent a proactive step towards optimizing the operational efficiency of the police department across various districts.

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