The Sindh Education Department has taken a significant step by prohibiting objectionable content in the O-level syllabus, as reported by ARY News. The decision aims to ensure that students are not exposed to inappropriate material during their studies.

Rafia Javed, the Additional Director of the Sindh Education Department, stated that the province has strictly forbidden schools from teaching a controversial chapter titled "Same-Sex Family" in the Sociology book of O level. This step reflects the department's commitment to upholding cultural and societal values in Pakistan.

Additionally, the Sindh education department has also banned the chapter on "History and Culture of Pakistan" in the Pakistan Studies book of O level. The rationale behind this decision is to align the curriculum with a more accurate and comprehensive representation of Pakistan's history and culture.

Rafia Javed emphasized that such chapters contradict the cultural norms and values of Pakistan. As a result, private schools have been directed to remove these chapters from the O level textbooks.

Earlier, Federal Minister for Education and Professional Training, Rana Tanveer Hussain, addressed the concerns raised by Senators Mohsin Aziz and Faisal Saleem Rehman. The senators had expressed their reservations about the content of the "Same Sex Family" chapter, considering it to be contradictory to Islamic and cultural teachings as well as the values of Pakistani society. Minister Hussain assured the Senate that a letter would be written to Cambridge, urging the removal of the highly objectionable content from the O Level sociology book.

This decisive action taken by the Sindh Education Department and the federal government highlights the importance of maintaining an appropriate educational environment that respects the cultural and religious sensitivities of the Pakistani society.


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