The Driving License Department in Sindh continues its mandate of issuing permits to residents of the province, enabling them to legally operate both commercial and non-commercial vehicles throughout the region.

These driving licenses and permits are granted to eligible drivers following a thorough assessment of their knowledge of driving laws, adherence to driving ethics, and demonstration of road sense.

A driving license serves as the official authorization for individuals to operate a variety of motor vehicles on public roads. The department caters to the diverse needs of drivers by issuing licenses for cars, motorcycles, Light Transport Vehicles (LTV), Heavy Transport Vehicles (HTV), and other categories, ensuring compliance with regulatory standards.

As of March 2024, the fee structure for obtaining an LTV driving license in Karachi and Hyderabad has been updated. A three-year validity license incurs a fee of Rs960, while the cost for a five-year license stands at Rs1,260. Additionally, individuals applying for a learner's license for LTV are required to pay a fee of Rs100.

This fee schedule remains consistent across other cities in the Sindh province, ensuring uniformity in the process of acquiring driving licenses across the region.

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