In a significant development, the Sindh Building Control Authority has identified 578 buildings as extremely dangerous, prompting urgent action to address the looming threat to public safety. The responsibility of determining the fate of these structures, whether to demolish or seal them, lies in the hands of the Commissioner Karachi, who is set to preside over a crucial high-level meeting.

The Control Authority has meticulously compiled a list of these precarious buildings and has submitted it to both the Commissioner Karachi and Deputy Commissioners. The list encompasses structures across various districts, with 23 buildings marked as unsafe in District East, including Jamshed Road, PECHS, and Liaquatabad. Additionally, Gulberg, Azizabad, Nazimabad, and North Karachi have a total of 6 unsafe buildings in District Central. District Korangi has its share of concerns with buildings in Zia Colony, Nasir Jump, and Landhi, totaling 14.

The list extends to various other districts, highlighting the widespread nature of the issue. In District Kemari, buildings in Gulshan Sikandarabad have been labeled as unsafe. Similarly, Sultanabad, Baldia, and other areas in District Malir account for 4 buildings marked as extremely dangerous. District South, particularly Kharadar, Meethadar, Ramswamy, Old City area, and Burns Road, faces a more significant challenge, with a staggering 456 buildings deemed unsafe.

District West, though relatively less affected, has not been spared, with 2 buildings in its jurisdiction declared dangerous and extremely dangerous. The impending decision on whether to seal or demolish these structures will be made during the high-level meeting, featuring key participants such as the Local Government Minister and Commissioner Karachi. This meeting holds substantial importance in determining the course of action to safeguard public welfare and prevent potential disasters associated with structurally compromised buildings.

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