The Sindh High Court has decided to intensify its focus on the pervasive issue of illegal parking, asserting that the matter is of utmost importance and expressing dissatisfaction with the level of preparedness exhibited by the petitioners. The court's stance emerged during a hearing on a case related to illegal parking, presided over by Justice Nadeem Akhtar, where the petitioner's lawyer was present.

The petitioner's lawyer presented a comprehensive list of locations plagued by illegal parking in the city, highlighting that at 33 sites, exorbitant fees are being charged, with the involvement of over 10 Station Officers (SOs) from the traffic police concealing crucial information.

In response, the Deputy Inspector General (DIG) of Traffic submitted a report, outlining ongoing actions against illegal parking. The report detailed the registration of cases against 43 individuals involved in illegal parking this year, resulting in the arrest of 55 accused. Furthermore, more than 49,000 individuals have been issued challans for illegal parking, with fines totaling over 24 lakh 53 thousand.

Despite these efforts, the court expressed dissatisfaction with the petitioner's level of preparation and suggested the appointment of a judicial assistant to bolster the case. Additionally, the court raised the issue of illegal parking in cantonment areas, noting its absence in the petition. Justice Nadeem Akhtar questioned the petitioner's counsel about the omission of Cantonment Boards as parties in the case, seeking clarification for this oversight.

In response, the lawyer assured the inclusion of cantonment areas in the application. Justice Nadeem Akhtar emphasized the significance of the matter and announced the issuance of crucial instructions on the illegal parking issue later in the day, underscoring the court's commitment to addressing this pressing concern.

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