The Sindh High Court has issued an order directing the administration to immediately start treating transgender patients suffering from HIV-AIDS at the civil hospital. The order came in response to a petition highlighting the non-treatment of transgender individuals with HIV-AIDS.

A bench comprising Justice Yusuf Ali Saeed and Justice Muhammad Abdul Rahman heard the petition, with the presence of Khawajasara activists and an Additional Superintendent from the Civil Hospital.

The court expressed its intention not to cause further inconvenience and emphasized the need for immediate action. The Additional Superintendent, Harish Kumar, assured the court that a focal person had been appointed and that the hospital was prepared to provide treatment. The court stressed that there should be no discrimination against transgender individuals and requested information on the treatment protocols for HIV-AIDS cases.

The court directed transgender patients to contact the focal person without delay to initiate the treatment process. It emphasized that the treatment should be in accordance with established protocols and ordered the civil hospital administration to commence treatment for transgender patients immediately. The court also requested an implementation report from the health secretary after the summer vacation.

The petition was filed by Princess Rai and Hina Baloch through Advocate Sara Malkani. It highlighted the urgent need for treatment for three transgender individuals named Monica, Nkweri, and My John, who are suffering from HIV-AIDS. The petition alleged that the civil hospital administration was refusing treatment to HIV-AIDS patients, including transgender individuals, and sending them back.

The court's order serves as a significant step towards ensuring equal access to healthcare for transgender individuals and addressing the discrimination they face in receiving medical treatment. It highlights the importance of providing timely and appropriate care for all individuals, regardless of their gender identity or sexual orientation.


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