Under the direct orders of Sindh's provincial minister for local government, Saeed Ghani, the Sindh Building Control Authority (SBCA) has embarked on a series of rigorous operations to eliminate illegal constructions plaguing the city.

Officials revealed on Wednesday that demolition teams, led by Director General Abdul Rasheed Solangi, have initiated a sweeping campaign targeting unauthorized constructions across various districts of Karachi.

As part of this endeavor, the demolition squads have dismantled sections of residential plots and other unlawful structures in several areas, including Block 2, Plot No. 2C 10/4, Block 3, Plot No. 3F in Nazimabad, Plot No. 450 and Plot No. 232/5 in Jamshed Town, and Block H, Plot No. A 776 in North Nazimabad.

The demolition operations, conducted on Wednesday, were closely supervised by deputy and assistant directors, accompanied by demolition officers, with the presence of SBCA personnel.

Ghani directed Solangi to ensure the eradication of all illegal constructions and to take stringent action against any SBCA officers found complicit in such activities. He emphasized surprise inspections across the city to assess the legality of ongoing construction projects, reaffirming his commitment to purging Karachi of all illicit structures

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