Saudi Arabia has given its approval for a new high-technology e-visa facility, allowing applicants to obtain visit and transit visas to the Kingdom with ease. The technology development was confirmed earlier this month and officially approved by Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud during a cabinet meeting.

Under the new facility, visas will be issued to applicants through a quick response (QR) code, eliminating the need for visa stickers on passports and streamlining the process. The initiative is part of the digitization efforts of the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs to enhance consular services, including visit visas, work permits, and residence, as reported by the Saudi Press Agency.

The implementation of the new procedure initially started at Saudi missions in several countries, including India, United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Egypt, Bangladesh, Indonesia, and the Philippines. This automation aims to improve the quality and efficiency of consular services for individuals applying for visas to the Kingdom.

Last year, the ministry introduced a "personal visit" visa mechanism, allowing visitors to enter Saudi Arabia to visit Saudi citizens, perform Umrah, and explore various cultural and historical sites. Saudi citizens can invite friends and submit a request for a personal visit through the visa platform website, simplifying the application process.

The high-technology e-visa facility marks another step toward modernizing Saudi Arabia's visa system and facilitating travel to the Kingdom.


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