Karachi’s Safari Park is preparing to allocate over an acre of land for Madhubala, an elephant who is at risk of contracting a virus that recently led to the death of another elephant, Noor Jehan. Karachi Administrator Dr Saifur Rehman made the announcement on Tuesday, stating that the site has not been used in 50 years and that Four Paws, an international animal welfare organization, is visiting the location to assist in the transfer process.

The team at Safari Park is preparing a container for Madhubala and conducting various tests to ensure the elephant's health is stable for the move. Dr Rehman acknowledged the difficulty in transferring animals but reassured the public that they will receive the best facilities at the park. The postmortem report of the deceased elephant, Noor Jehan, is expected to arrive within a month, and the administration is considering animal breeding to improve the park's welfare system.

Dr Amir Khalil, heading the Four Paws team, commended Dr Rehman's work and confirmed that the first phase of the transfer has been completed. He stated that the site is a complete jungle and hopes to see other animals there soon. However, the Karachi Zoo director, Kanwar Ayub, postponed Madhubala's transfer as she could contract the virus from Noor Jehan. Her health reports and blood samples will be sent to a laboratory in Lahore to ensure her well-being before the transfer, as Sonia and Malika, the other two elephants, may also be affected.

The recent news has raised concerns about the welfare of animals at Karachi Zoo and other facilities across Pakistan. In response, the zoo administration is taking extra measures to ensure the animals' health and safety. The incident has also prompted discussions on animal welfare laws and regulations in the country, with calls for stricter measures to prevent such incidents in the future.


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