The Russian cargo ship, "Crystal Saint Petersburg," has made its maiden voyage to Karachi, delivering commercial goods and marking an important milestone in trade relations between Pakistan and Russia. The ship completed its journey from Russia to Karachi port in 21 days, and it was welcomed by Minister of Maritime Affairs Syed Faisal Sabzwari, Chairman KPT Raza Zaidi, and Russian Consul General Andrey Viktorovich Fedorov.

Minister Faisal Sabzwari hailed this achievement as a significant milestone for the government, providing Pakistan's trade sector with direct access to the Russian market. He emphasized that this development will boost Pakistan's exports and strengthen bilateral trade relations between Pakistan and Russia, as well as enhance trade relations with Central Asian states.

The arrival of the "Crystal Saint Petersburg" signifies the increasing trade cooperation between Pakistan and Russia, opening new avenues for economic growth and fostering closer ties in the region.


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