As the direction of winds changes in Karachi, a surge in viral infections, including the Adeno virus, has been reported, according to Registrar Jinnah Hospital, Dr. Halar Sheikh. He cautioned that the risk of Adeno virus has escalated with the shifting weather patterns, leading to symptoms such as cold, cough, and fever.

Dr. Halar Sheikh highlighted that Adeno virus infections are common during weather transitions, and while most cases result in recovery, individuals, especially the elderly, asthmatic, and diabetic patients, should exercise caution. The virus can potentially progress to pneumonia, particularly among those with compromised immune systems or inadequate nutrition.

In light of this development, Dr. Halar Sheikh advised the public to avoid shaking hands and consuming outside food during this period to minimize the risk of contracting the Adeno virus. He emphasized the importance of taking preventive measures to safeguard against viral infections during weather fluctuations.

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