Residents residing near Karachi's renowned downtown 'Food Street' on Burns Road took to the streets in protest against the encroachments by restaurants, which had engulfed the entire vicinity, obstructing roads, sidewalks, and even narrow lanes.

In a show of unity, a considerable number of residents gathered and effectively blocked the main thoroughfare of Burns Road, demanding the immediate removal of encroachments. They voiced their grievances, highlighting how the encroachments, masquerading as a "Food Street," had severely disrupted their daily lives.

Residents lamented that the encroachments had imposed curfews on their movements, with their freedom restricted after 7 pm due to the rampant occupation of roads, sidewalks, and even alleyways. Moreover, they expressed concerns about frequent altercations and conflicts erupting between locals and stall owners.

Allegations were directed towards the Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) and the district administration, accusing them of accepting bribes from restaurant owners to allow the installation of encroachments. Additionally, residents claimed complicity from K-Electric staff in facilitating illegal connections to these stalls.

In response to the protest, Assistant Commissioner Aram Bagh swiftly intervened, offering assurances to the aggrieved residents regarding the removal of illegal encroachments.

Subsequently, the District South administration, under the supervision of the assistant commissioner, launched an operation to clear the roads, alleyways, and sidewalks of encroachments perpetrated by food stalls. The operation saw the demolition of billboards erected by restaurateurs and the removal of tables, chairs, and other furniture obstructing public spaces.

With the successful conclusion of the operation, peace was restored, and the residents concluded their protest, hopeful for a return to unobstructed living conditions on Burns Road.

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