As the first week of Ramadan unfolded, Pakistan witnessed a 1.35% increase in inflation, as reported by the Bureau of Statistics. Data reveals that prices of 18 essential commodities surged during this period, impacting the household budget of citizens across the nation.

Among the essential commodities, garlic, mutton, beef, and chicken experienced notable price hikes, contributing to the overall inflationary trend. Additionally, bananas and tomatoes witnessed a substantial increase of 22%, further burdening consumers.

Eggs and onions also became costlier by 7% and 6%, respectively, during the first week of Ramadan, according to the Bureau of Statistics' report. The annual inflation rate soared to 32.89%, highlighting the persistent rise in prices of essential goods.

Of particular concern is the significant spike in the price of garlic, which surged by 60% over the past year. Tomatoes registered a staggering increase of 185%, while onions became 90% more expensive compared to last year. Wheat flour prices also escalated by 52% annually, exacerbating the financial strain on households.

The Institute of Statistics further underscored the soaring prices of everyday items, with jaggery witnessing a 41% increase, sugar surging by 37%, salt rising by 35%, and shoes becoming 53% pricier within a year.

Furthermore, the report highlighted an alarming surge in gas prices, which skyrocketed by a staggering 570% compared to the previous year. This unprecedented increase in gas prices adds to the financial burden faced by households already grappling with rising inflation rates.

The surge in inflation during Ramadan underscores the pressing need for effective measures to alleviate the economic strain on citizens. As families observe the holy month, policymakers face the challenge of mitigating the impact of rising prices on the populace, ensuring access to essential commodities at affordable rates.

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