Pakistan Television Corporation (PTV) has released a statement addressing the issue of gambling advertisements, acknowledging the government's zero-tolerance policy on the broadcast of such content. The statement reveals that due to the presence of gambling advertisements, the telecast of the second Test between Pakistan and Australia faced disruption.

PTV emphasizes its commitment to adhering to the government's stance on a zero-tolerance policy for gambling advertisements. Discussions are currently underway with PTV's broadcasters, engaging with all stakeholders to halt the airing of such advertisements. The objective is to reach a resolution that would enable the smooth telecast of the ongoing Pakistan-Australia series.

The statement from PTV reassures viewers that efforts are being made to address the issue promptly. The network is actively working to prevent similar occurrences in the future. As the official broadcaster, PTV expresses its dedication to providing a reliable and responsible broadcasting service, ensuring that the content aligns with the values and regulations set by the government.

While specific details about the ongoing discussions and potential resolutions are not outlined in the statement, PTV remains optimistic that the matter will be resolved amicably, allowing cricket enthusiasts to enjoy the Pakistan-Australia series without disruptions caused by gambling advertisements.

Written By Zeeshan Ahmed

Zeeshan Ahmed is a Communication graduate from the University of Karachi. He has been associated with electronic, print, and digital media for the past ten years. He has worked on multiple beats but his major expertise lies in sports reporting. He is an accredited sports journalist by PCB and has been active in sports reporting.