Provincial Minister Sharjeel Memon has underscored the urgent need to combat the alarming rise of drug abuse, particularly the spread of ice and other narcotics, within educational institutions.

In a recent statement, Memon emphasized the necessity of taking all possible measures to curb the proliferation of drugs. He directed the Secretary Excise and the DIG Hyderabad to initiate immediate action against drug dealers, with instructions to inform the Secretary Information Sindh about their efforts.

Additionally, Memon urged the Information Secretary to publish anti-narcotics advertisements within a few days to raise awareness among the public.

Emphasizing the importance of thorough investigations, Memon instructed police officers to diligently probe arrested drug suspects. He further directed the Secretary Excise to establish a task force comprising officers of impeccable integrity.

Last month, the Sindh government had decided to activate the Narcotics Control Unit of the Excise Department and launch a rigorous crackdown on drug dealers across the province. Memon, presiding over the meeting, reiterated the government's commitment to eradicating all forms of drugs, announcing the activation of 16 teams of the Narcotics Control Unit in Karachi.

Addressing the media before the meeting, Memon declared his intention to intensify efforts against drug dealers in the coming week, citing the devastating impact of drugs on future generations. He urged parents to remain vigilant and monitor their children's activities, particularly when sending them to school.

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