Several private schools in Karachi have come under scrutiny for unlawfully demanding parents to submit fees for the months of June and July in February and March, as reported by Dawn News. Numerous parents have reported receiving vouchers for the upcoming summer months' fees, despite the current academic session being months away from its conclusion.

Responding to these allegations, the Director of Private Schools has unequivocally stated that no private educational institution has the authority to coerce parents into paying fees for future months in advance. A formal circular has been issued, reiterating that fees for June and July must be collected in their respective months, in adherence to standard procedures.

Expressing concerns over the economic strain exacerbated by inflation, parents have raised objections to the demand for two months' fees in advance, questioning the feasibility of such payments during times of financial hardship.

It is worth noting that the Sindh High Court has previously intervened in similar matters, instructing schools to refrain from prematurely collecting fees for June and July. The court's directives underscore the importance of ensuring fairness and transparency in fee collection practices within the private education sector.

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