Prices are at all-time high as inflation rises to 12%

The recent escalation in prices have struck many, making it difficult for civilians to manage daily expenses. Basic food items have witnessed prominent price rises.

Sugar prices have risen by Rs. 19 this year, costing Rs. 75 per kilogram(kg). There has been an increase of Rs. 20 in Daal Mash prices which now costs Rs. 170 per kg. Flour prices saw an increase of Rs. 9, totaling to Rs. 59 per kg.

Prices of beef and mutton also increased by 100 and 300 rupees, totaling to 600 and 1000 rupees per kg, respectively. Milk rates rose by Rs. 14 and now cost Rs.110 per liter.

Inflation also effected prices of vegetables. Onion prices rose by Rs. 30 to Rs. 60/kg; potatoes by Rs.5 to Rs.350/kg; and tomatoes by Rs40 to Rs.70/kg.

This swelling in prices also hit other departments across the country, especially the health, education and transport facilities.

International Monetary Fund(IMF) has loaned Pakistan $6 billion. It has predicted real GDP growth rate to slow to 2.4% in the current fiscal year and for inflation to rise up to 13%.

The current percentage of 12% was last observed in the fiscal year 2012.