The annual Hajj season is fast approaching, and the tents in Mina are being diligently prepared to accommodate the influx of pilgrims. Mustafa Hadi, the general supervisor for one of the companies in Mina, confirmed the commencement of preparations. The tasks include essential maintenance work such as electricity, plumbing, paint, and gypsum repairs. Additionally, the camps are being equipped with toilets, decorations, and soon-to-be-furnished restaurants. The goal is to ensure a comfortable and welcoming environment for Hajj pilgrims during the Tarwiyah (water provision) day and the subsequent three Tashriq days.

Situated within the holy sites' borders, between Makkah and Muzdalifah, Mina holds immense significance during the Hajj period. It is worth noting that Mina remains uninhabited outside of this holy season. The location, approximately 7 kilometers away from the Holy Mosque, serves as a temporary residence for pilgrims, who embark on this sacred journey from around the world.

In parallel to the preparations in Mina, the Hajj flight operation for Pakistani pilgrims has already commenced. On May 21, the first Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) flight departed from Karachi, carrying 328 pilgrims destined for Saudi Arabia. PIA's extensive Hajj operation relies on Boeing 777 and Airbus 320 aircraft, with the mission of transporting over 65,000 intending pilgrims to the holy land.

During this significant event, officials including Director Hajj Karachi Sajjad Haider, DG Benazir Income Support Programme Imtiaz Shah, and representatives from PIA and CAA were present to oversee the smooth operation. The collective efforts aim to facilitate a memorable and spiritually fulfilling experience for all Hajj pilgrims.


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