Meteorological analyst Jawad Memon predicts that pre-monsoon rains are likely to commence in Karachi in June. Additionally, good pre-monsoon rains are expected in Sindh and southeastern Balochistan during the same period.

Memon highlights the current weather conditions in Karachi, stating that despite the presence of cloudy weather, there is a sense of humidity in the air. The speed of sea winds in the Arabian Sea has also increased, contributing to the high humidity levels. As a result, the heat intensity is elevated, ranging from 4 to 5 degrees.

According to Memon, the onset of pre-monsoon rains can be anticipated in June for Karachi, while Sindh and south-eastern Balochistan can expect favorable pre-monsoon rainfall. Additionally, certain areas in Punjab may experience more rainfall than usual.

However, Memon mentions that if El Niño is active, there is a possibility of below-normal rainfall in Sindh and Balochistan.


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