Police raids its own headquarter in Karachi's Garden area

In their continued effort to week out the black sheep within their ranks, Karachi police raided the Garden Police Headquarters on Monday.

According to sources within the department, the operation was carried out by Nabibakhsh Investigation Police.

The sources claimed that the raid was carried out after a vehicle carrying smuggled clothes was snatched from outside the Garden Police Headquarters.  The vehicle was carrying clothes smuggled from the Korangi Industrial Area and disappeared a few days ago.

The sources further claimed that the incident was caught on tape by the CCTV cameras of a female official’s house within the Government Officers Society. Through the recording, the personnel involved in the incident were identified as officers working at the Garden headquarters.

Based on this information, a case was registered against three suspects at Nabibakhsh police station. Raids were then carried out for arrest and recovery. No suspects were found during the raid at the Garden HQ. However, the operation was continued and raids were carried out in other areas, as a result of which, two suspects were arrested and clothes worth Rs4 million recovered. One of the suspects remains at large.

According to the authorities, the police personnel involved in the case have a criminal record and one of them has been detained at Nabibakhsh police station before.