In a shocking incident, a police officer was robbed and injured by armed dacoits in the Port Qasim area of Karachi, as reported by ARY News. The incident occurred when the officer, identified as Abdul Majid, was returning after completing his duty on the Pak-China Project.

According to authorities, a group of armed miscreants confronted the officer and attempted to rob him. When Officer Majid resisted, the dacoits attacked him with the butt of a pistol, causing him injury. The perpetrators fled the scene after taking the officer's SMG weapon and other belongings.

Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Malir Hassan Sardar stated that search operations have been initiated in Sukhan and the surrounding areas to apprehend the culprits responsible for the robbery. Meanwhile, Officer Majid is receiving medical treatment and is currently admitted to the Foreign Security Cell.

Authorities have launched investigations into the incident, particularly regarding the snatching of the SMG weapon. It is worth noting that police officers are not permitted to carry weapons after duty hours, as mentioned by the SSP.

This incident highlights the challenges faced by law enforcement personnel in ensuring their own safety while carrying out their duties. The police and security forces continue to work diligently to maintain law and order in Karachi, and incidents such as this serve as a reminder of the risks they face in their line of work.


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