On Wednesday, rumours that a female worker had been gang-raped at an industrial facility in Karachi's Korangi neighbourhood caused a stir on social media. However, the police flatly denied that such an occurrence had ever occurred.

Deputy Inspector General (DIG) East Muquddus Haider stated, "Police have checked and verified that no such occurrence took occurred." The officer claimed that social media was where most of the reports were being shared.

"Police looked into it and found nothing. The plant management informed the police that it was an effort to discredit them, but no victims have come forward, he continued.

Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Korangi Faisal Bashir, another official, referred to the reports as "false news" and said that they were the result of "ulterior reasons."

He said that in response to these claims, the plant management had contacted the FIA's cybercrime division.

The police statement follows social media accusations that claimed a female employee of Artistic Milliners had been gang-raped by her coworkers over the course of several hours.

Additionally, other sources stated that the purported victim had passed away.

The Artistic Milliners have not yet responded. on the circumstance


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